VIVO Young Makers Club

304x200xlogo-1.jpg.pagespeed.ic.UkaCw8MnDAVIVO Young Makers Club is an ongoing program at VIVO Media Arts Centre, funded on behalf of the TELUS Vancouver Community Board.





Maker Mash-up at the Vancouver Public Library (May, 2014)

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The 2 hour workshop, led by Andrew Milne and Simon Lyons of Maker Mobile  involved learning how to build a “brush bot” (A simple robot that uses a pager motor to move around), and a “trip wire” using a clothespin, string, tinfoil, and a battery-powered noisemaker. Andrew and Simon then set up a “Trip wire obstacle course” where students tried to navigate around the trip wire without making the buzzers activate.



Andrew Milne & Simon Lyons of Maker Mobile ;

VPL Rep:

Saara Itkonen of the DIY club at the Mount Pleasant branch of Vancouver Public Library


Introduction to Wearable Electronics: Soft Circuits (February, 2014)

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In this 2-part workshop, students learned the basics of sewing and embroidery techniques for use in wearable electronics. With a needle, a bit of conductive thread and some LEDs, youth learned the basics of electronics, sewing, and creative problem-solving.



Zee Kesler & Marena Brinkhurst

Young Makers Camp at UBC

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The week-long workshop included around 24 participants and included activities like how to build a rube goldberg machine, an introduction to Raspberry Pi, and more. These photos are from the theremin build, where students built their own light theremins while Wynne Palmer,  a member of the Vancouver Experimental Theremin Orchestra showed off her theremin that was built at a SLAB event at VIVO. Click here to sign up for our youth mailing list to learn more about upcoming youth programming at VIVO. 


VIVO Young Makers Club partnered with UBC Physics and AstronomyUBC GEERing UpUBC Engineering PhysicsMaker MobileVancouver Maker Foundation and Michael Smith Labs for the first ever Maker Camp in Vancouver.

Role: Project Coordinator, Grant Writer

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