Career Development & Coding with the 3dPOV

In the fall of 2014, I received funding from BC Arts Council to run a youth mentorship series on behalf of VIVO Media Arts Centre. The focus of the program was to integrate youth, ages 18-24 into artist-run centre culture. Senior artists and mentors were paired with emerging artists to facilitate a series of art shows and installations for youth to learn new skills like programming and curation. The two mentorships in the program included a 3D POV at Science World, and a Career Development mentorship with a final, student-led exhibition at the end. More info and photos of these projects included below:


3D POV Mentorship at Science World:

This mentorship was led by Brady Marks, inventor of the 3D POV (Persistence of Vision), which consists of a rotating panel of LEDs that forms dynamic, interactive 3d images. 2 mentees worked with Brady and learned to program using this Persistence of Vision device. To learn more about the mentorship, please watch the video below:


Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 3.55.49 PM

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Photos by Jonathan Dy; Video by Chris Bentzon
The POV 3D display was conceived in 2009 after a SLAB event at VIVO. SLAB: Making Things that Do Things was a hands-on workshop that involved a series of experiments with multimedia programming, real-time media manipulation, circuit bending and physical computing. The POV was initially funded by the BC Arts Council Innovations Grant and has been exhibited at Points of Vision: Beyond the Second Dimension, the VIVO Open House, and Vancouver Mini Maker Faire  Science World called, “Light: Illuminating Art and Science”.

Career Development Mentorship:

This mentorship was led by Wynne Palmer, who presented a behind-the-scenes look at how an artist-run centre works. Youth received a tour of the Crista Dahl Media Library and Archive with Crista Dahl herself, and had the opportunity to work with artists Matt Troy and Vincent Parker. Through lecture and discussion, Wynne guided students through the requirements and practices for today’s working media artist. Topics covered included: proposal and CV writing, portfolio preparation, funding options, networking, social media and business practices, and much more. Finally, students created their very own media art show, which was held on the conclusion of the mentorship.


Final Exhibition Poster:



 Program proudly supported by:

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